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December 9, 2013


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|| Kitten | Primrose | Underground Caves ||

The small kitten crept along, her pawsteps clumsy but firm upon the rough stone beneath her. She exhaled a faint breath of air, silent among the dripping of damp stone teeth from above her head. She could barely make anything out of the murky tunnels, feet scraping against the coarse rock and tottering upon the uneven terrain. The air here was stale; it felt dank and heavy in her lungs. The walls constricted the space around her. She was enclosed, alone, and unsure where any other cat was hiding. Am I the only one without a hole to crawl into? I think I’m lost too. Primrose grimaced with distaste at her predicament, the stuffy air sticking in her dry throat. She ceased focusing on her destination, steps becoming more careless. One front paw soon alighted upon a loose stone buried in a small dip of ground. The kitten lost her balance in mid-step, flailing paws tumbling to a halt as her chin bit into the rock with a dull crack and whipping a minute spray of gravel into the air as she stumbled. Hot with embarrassment, Primrose pushed herself to her feet too quickly and groaned. As she rose, she swished her tongue around to loosen the tightness of her bruised muzzle, examining the darkness surrounding her. The tunnel was silent and eerie now, and she felt a prickle of fear gather up within her as dark thoughts clouded her mind. Will we be okay? My family—those beyond just my blood, my kindred, the Tribes—or…the fishy-scaled beasts, the caimans? What if they kill—no. No. I can’t think like that. It’s okay, Prim. You have to—
“Be brave. Be brave,” Primrose chanted. Locked in fear, her meow was hushed into something that was barely even a whisper until a twitch of her whiskers disturbed the gossamer-thin illusion. Eyes narrowed, she took no notice of the rock tooth above her head. A droplet of icy water slid down its slick surface, balancing like a cat ready to pounce as it clung to the tip. Merciless, it fell from the sky, striking Primrose upon the top of her head. The small kitten squealed with fright and hovered for a moment, eyes wide, then darted forward on humming legs. Forward and onward through the labyrinth of the mines, her muscles sang and heart hungered, desperate, grasping at the division between terror and exhilaration. There was no thinking, only instinct. Run. Keep running. But you can’t run from yourself. Her pads scuffed against the rough ground and she bumped into the walls on occasion, but the terror in her heart consumed her and she took little notice of the twinges of pain. Breathe. Just breathe. A voice from inside her called out softly. Don’t be afraid. You’re safe here. She recognized it as her own after a moment of confusion. Primrose settled as her fear fluttered away, calming the torrent that raged inside her. Her frantic run slowed to a trot and finally rolled into a sluggish pace. “Are you alright, little one?” a kind Orange-Air called out from a nearby location, wedged in a small hole in the wall that was well concealed. Her eyes glinted with natural starlight as she huddled her kits close to her with her tail. Primrose released her pent-up breath in a sigh, welcoming the relief it brought her. She was safe.


|| Kit | Kite | Underground Caves ||

Curled against the dark pelt of his brother, Kite watched through narrow eyes. Their mother had left them here, and it was so cold. Why had she gone? He had heard Petrel’s exchange with her, and though tempted to go out too, he opted for indifference. If she wished to abandon them, then so be it. He could show he didn’t care. Curling closer into himself and Petrel, he sighed. But why did she go? None of the other moms went. The reason didn’t make sense to the kit. He was scared, still so young and he just wanted the comfort of Palette’s scent. But now it hung, stale, to their fur, and even then it wasn’t a strong scent. He had understood why their father had gone. He knew of the fight, and of the caimans, but not the whole story behind it. Kite had heard that the queens were supposed to stay with the kits, and with a quick glance he noticed all the other mothers to be there; with the exception of Basil. He had no one to curl against except his siblings, and they didn’t offer much comfort when they were scared also. What were they to do anyways? When would they know they could go back home?

The caves smelled horrible compared to the ashy scent of Fire-Tribe. The cats around him had odd smells too, and it made his nose wrinkle at the unfamiliar scents entering his nose. He liked Palette’s smell the best. It was soft and sweet, and was welcoming. When he had first gone to Shadow-Tribe it had seemed eerie as the cats with the frowns or smiles looked at him and his siblings. They were no different than all the other kits that were to come to stay in their caves, and his pelt at prickled at their stares. Now, it was only young cats and queens that seemed to be with them, and still the scents mingled together.

Of course it was nice to have other kits to play with, especially when it seemed that all the other kits were together in one camp, while Kite only had Oriole and Petrel. It’s not fair. I want to be with the other kits too. He had said this to Palette upon learning of the situation, though her response was one that was expected. Of course, it wasn’t what he had wanted to hear and the kit had proceeded to mope about their horrible placement of camps. It didn’t last long, as soon his attention was caught by something else.

Hearing the sound of soft pawsteps approaching and the voice of the Orange-Air with sharp eyes, Kite lifted his head. He didn’t know the kit who had suddenly come from the shadows, though he had seen her before. He recognized her as the Earth-Tribers kit, and he glanced at the brown form that lay sleeping in a corner, her one other kit huddled against her. She had a firm paw on the kit, a protective paw. The Orange-Earth had seemed more worried about this kit, than the one who had just come, from the start, and Kite wondered why. Regarding Primrose with narrowed eyes. Where had she gone?


|| Kitten | Primrose | Underground Caves ||

The kitten passed the Orange-Air, flashing a smile of reassurance that she was fine. The shuffling of feet and hushed meows brushed her ears, tickling them with white noise. The other tribe cats' unseen presence and mix of scents was calming to her, but she needed to find her family. She blotted the euphonious clamor out of her mind. Primrose tasted the air once more, managing to locate Alasse and Ergot within a few moments even in the dark confusion of the tunnels. She padded closer, careful not to step too loudly. Her tail dragged with weariness at the sight of them, cozy in the sharing of a tender closeness that Alasse had often failed to show her. They were curled up near one another, breathing soft and deep sighs in tandem. The cream kitten flicked her ears. They’re still asleep. Didn’t even notice that I was gone! She snorted a bit. Momma always babies Eri, poor guy. Jus’ because of some stupid problem with his eyes, too. I think it’ll make him stronger once he’s big, 'cause Eri is scary enough anyway. A grin pulled across her face as she snickered, hiding the small twinge of pain that she felt underneath the thrill of her freedom. Maybe, but only sometimes, Ergot is lucky. Momma loves him for sure—you could see it even if you couldn’t see, as he does—but would anyone ever notice that she loves me too? Because she does…I know she does, even if she loves Eri more. And that might be enough.
With a whip of her tail, she spun around, eager to seek out some companions and blink away the soft feelings that were melting in her eyes. She took a single moment to recover her finesse, resuming her usual perkiness and swishing her tail in waves of motion. Primrose imagined that the air was clear and crisp, and inhaled it. Her big, bright eyes landed on a trio of kits, huddling in the absence of their mother. Fire-Tribe, by the smell of them. Primrose marched over to the three of them, eyeing the kit in the middle, an earthy-furred tom. “I’m Primrose, but you can call me Prim. Who’re you?” she said. The curious kitten studied the tabby she-kit and the second tom with fiery eyes before turning her shining, intent gaze back to Kite. The expression she wore contained a youthful energy; it radiated a charming, excited light that spoke of her impish nature.


|| Kit | Kite | Underground Caves ||

Glancing up, he noticed a voice hanging over his head. Narrowing his light blue eyes he snorted. Why did this she-kit even think to come over? He didn’t really feel like socializing, let alone talking to this she-kit. Why did she even think that she could say anything to him? Glancing at Petrel and Oriole he hoped she hadn’t disturbed them too much.

”Well let’s see. I can be many things, and right now I’m “Leave me alone”. Narrowing his eyes further into slits he tucked his head against his body. Primrose was noticeably older and larger than him, though it hardly deterred the tom from being so abrupt. He was tired, and rather irritated by the lack of warmth in the caves. Let alone seeing all the other kit with their mothers wasn’t a too thrilling sight either.

Wiggling in closer with his siblings he peeked open an eye to gaze at Primrose. ”Don’t you have somewhere to be? Like your family?” Flicking his kitten short tail to where Alasse lay, he gave a quick snort. ”Looks like they have been missing you a lot, so I suggest you waddle your way on over to them, instead of standing here like an awkward duck.”

Tucking his head tighter against himself he let his eyes drift shut, ears slightly turned towards where Primrose stood.


|| Kitten | Primrose | Underground Caves ||

The sharp words spoken by Kite cut through the thickness of the musty air, slicing at Primrose’s ears. Her paws dug into the ground, firm and steady, and her fur bristled like it was charged with energy.  “Excuse me?! You shouldn't speak to others like that, mister grumpy-ears!” she hissed. The creamy kitten’s abrasive words flew out of her muzzle in a flurry of sound, but remained clear and pointed in tone. A fire had ignited inside her belly, one that consumed her being in a wave of anger at his coarse dismissal of her words. What a rude little kit she thought, the words searing through her mind like the lava that pours down a mountainside. “Doesn’t Fire-Tribe teach its kits to be nice? Or are you just so hot-headed that rudeness comes to you naturally?” Primrose said. Her words were cool, and she frowned with distaste. I just wanted to play…I didn’t come here to be insulted. How mean…how could he be so mean? She cleared her throat in a loud, attentive fashion.

“If you want me to leave, you’ll have to make me. I don’t intend to give in to you just like that, without saying a word,” she spit out. Primrose stared Kite down, lashing her tail in frustration at his spiteful insolence. Her eyes were pools of blue fire, like liquid starlight, while her gaze was impenetrable and biting, issuing a challenge to the younger kit before her.
Points to Light-Tribe!

Word count (total): 2,023
Word count (myriad-dawn): 1,245

Many thanks to Equidae-Dream for the short RP

Note: This work is a collab by myriad-dawn and Equidae-Dream. The RP will be continued and finished later, but part one is meant to satisfy myriad-dawn's assignment requirements (complete).

TGB (c) ~Sycophantism
Kite (c) ~Equidae-Dream
Primrose (c) ~myriad-dawn
eliza1star Dec 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Petrel: It's just my brother being grumpy because mommy left! D: 

I loved reading this c:
Snow-Bunny101 Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just realized...
Primrose. Prim. 
Lol name seems familiar XDDD\
But really, I think it fits her well. <3
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